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    Photos from Cerberus Motorcycle shop and co-op in San Diego, California. Customers can get service and maintenance, restoration work and modern upgrades, custom bikes, or learn how to work on their own projects. Hell, they can even just come use all the tools, tinker on their project with a manual next to ‘em and leave if they want. 

    I had a wonderful time hanging out here over the weekend, and would definitely suggest you stop in to check the space out if you’re in SoCal. It isn’t often you can do so much under one roof, and especially feel so welcome at the same time.

    More photos from my trip to come in various posts such as bike night, moto monday, etc. Photographs by Alicia Mariah Elfving, copyright themotolady.com 2013.

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    CBR-2 by -djs archive- #flickstackr

    Flickr: http://flic.kr/p/fFuFDe

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    The winner of Day Two of Seven Days of Giveaways for the Zombie Performance Drag Bars is Kendra Chase and her bike ‘The Tsunami’!

    There were so many amazing entries, it literally took hours of deliberation to decide who should get these awesome bars- and honestly I wish I had more to hand out. That being said, Kendra has redone so much of this bike, learning as she went… and that awesome Japanese wave painting is all her! 

    Boy do I have a project bike! It’s a 1977 Suzuki GS750. It had been kinda chop shopped into a cafe racer style. It was first acquired by my boyfriend’s nephew… He is a tattoo artist & traded it for a tattoo. It didn’t really work out for him & I bought it off him for $300.00.

    It needed some major love! It ran, but barely. I have put in a whole new electric system…. Rectifier, regulator, (guidance & encouragement from boyfriend). Also new electric ignition system complete with coils & all. Not to mention carb teardown & rejetting which was new to me & a real learning experience! We went through a whole range if sizes before getting it right (since it had aftermarket exhaust & airpods on it!). Wheh, that was TEDIOUS! It needed a front fender. Just last night we installed a rear fender (a bit if a job on a frame that’s been chopped). I painted the gas tank with the classic Japanese wave. We have named her The Tsunami! (after all she is a Japanese bike). 

    The last & final part of this 6 month tour is new handlebars are needed. The ones on there are clubman knockoffs & so uncomfortable. I have toyed around with various ideas of what could work. I read your post & handlebar description & those would be badass! Perfect!

    I love your page. You are an inspiration & fellow artist in the motorcycle craft. Thanks!

    Much love to a fellow biker sister!
    Xox Kendra

    Check out some of my favorite other entries on flickr, and stay tuned for the rest of the winners!

    Congrats, Kendra!

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    4 must-have skills to bolster any career

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  11. Here’s your second dose of the Ducati Game of HYPE! - Target Practice  Can you guess who wins this round? #Hypermotard

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    The Ducati game of HYPE! - Wheelie Challenge

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    2013 Suzuki GSX-R750

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    Another infamous tumblr photo identified- Seiko Yasunaga on her brat style bike, grin beaming through her Bell Moto 3 vintage full face helmet.

    I have to give Cindy DuLong of the very popular blog FashionSerialKiller serious props and thanks, it was because of her complete awesomeness I was able to identify this lovely mystery motolady.

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